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Whenever you meet somebody for the first time there's always that awkward getting to know you stage. You say your salutations and then figure out something to talk about. There are always a few topics that can get people to open up pretty quickly such as the weather, sports, and movies. Everybody likes to talk about the weather around their community; whether it's sunny or rainy out. Movies and sports are great conversation starters because everybody has a favorite movie and most people, even if they don't like sports, know a little bit about the local sports scene.

All that really matters is getting the conversation started. Another go to conversation starter is food. Who doesn't love to talk about food? Chances are your first get-together with the person your talking to is at social event where there's food such as wedding reception, family reunion or even a wake. The one thing about food you can always talk about is how tasty food is, especially your favorites. Sometimes though the topic can steer towards what foods you can cook or bake and that's where a lot of people have trouble keeping up with the conversation because they don't know how to cook.

If the next time you find yourself talking to a chef and they ask you what you like to cook or bake and want to be able to give them a mouth-watering answer then you should invest in some cooking lessons. Cooking lessons are the perfect choice for those of who were not born with god-given talents to whip up something delicious to eat in a manner of minutes. To some, they can do that with no problem. A pinch of this here, a dash of that there, mix it up, and voila, they just made some homemade lasagna in no time that would be good enough for any individual to serve up.

If you want that to be you then look into the available cooking lessons available in your area. Local colleges sometimes offer up cooking courses put on by local chefs. You go for a lesson every week where you learn the basics of cooking and get to make a different dish each week. Also, many local cafes, bistros, and restaurants offer cooking lessons from chefs who will teach very specialized techniques. One lesson might teach you how to cook pasta, the other one could be about vegan cooking, and another one can be geared towards how to bake a cake. Sign up for some cooking lessons so the next time you're invited to a potluck at your friend's house, you'll be able to wow people with your newfound skills.

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