America and many other countries around the world are getting bigger in terms of the average weight and size of their population. Currently, you will find that the average waist size of a woman in the United States is 37 and the average for a man is nearly forty. Whether you're someone that works with children or senior citizens, people are starting to realize that this is an issue that can dramatically affect a person's health and daily life. One of the causes of being overweight is emotional eating and to defeat this problem you need to know more about it.

Do you know the signs of an eating disorder?

Emotional eating is always triggered by something and if you want to help yourself get out of the habit than you will need to discover what feelings make you reach for comfort foods. Sadness? Anger? If you're working and you have a hectic schedule then you might be reacting to stress by reaching for food. Other people have feelings of loneliness or depression that they try to cure with food. The feelings or situation doesn't have to be negative to trigger emotional eating. There are many who eat more than they need to at social functions when they are at a party or an event with food served.

Once you know what triggers you to overeat it is just a matter of working towards finding healthier reactions (and food choices) to those situations. If you're someone who responds to good marketing for new products by filling up at the grocery store then you might need to learn to read the labels to see what is actually in all of the foods that you're consuming. Others might want to replace the time that they spend emotional eating with a new hobby like reading, gardening, or knitting. This is mostly a psychological problem and it will be difficult to change your habits right away.


One of the best things that people suggest when fighting with an eating issue is to replace it with active activities as much as possible. Instead of spending money on junk food you could put it towards personal training sessions or a ew bike to help you get in shape or stay healthy. Even cleaning the house when you're feeling bored or sad could turn out to be a much better choice than watching a movie with a bag of chips.

You should also tell the people in your life that you're trying to make a change when it comes to how you're eating. If they don't know then they might derail you or do so without even knowing that they are doing it.

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