The most important meal of the day used to be dinner. Not because of the nutritional importance that came with eating the heaviest meal of the day but because of the bonding time it allowed families to have. You've probably seen those old movies or television shows in which families were gathered around the television set eating dinner together and having a good time.

The term TV dinner was a result of that. Families never used to miss having dinner together. It was a must. Nowadays? Not so much. Families have gotten busier over the years with work, school, community events and extracurricular activities. It's much harder to get everybody gathered around the dinner table for a meal these days than it used to be. You might be busy typing up a report that needs to be handed in to your boss tomorrow morning, your daughter could be pre-occupied picking a outfit for a Christening, or your son could be at school practicing with the high school debate team.

Whatever the reasons may be just know that you're not alone. There are a lot of families out there who can't find the time to sit down and eat dinner together. That doesn't mean it shouldn't deter you from trying. We're not saying you have to eat dinner together every night. That might be pushing it with all the things you have to do during the week such as go to your son's football game or your a counseling session.

What we suggest is designating at least one night during the week as family dinner night. It's important for every member of the family to sit down and talk about each other and to each other as often as they can. Family dinners provide the perfect opportunity for everybody to share news about their lives or just discuss what happened to them that day.

One day you might put up your piece of real estate for sale and not have as many chances to bond over family dinner because the kids have grown up and moved out. Take the opportunity now to build family bonding time so that it will eventually become second nature. When the time comes that the family expands you can always go to a rental company.

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