There are some people who put a lot of stock into restaurant reviews and ratings like the ones handed out by the Michelin Guide when it comes to choosing a place to eat at. For others such things couldn't matter less to them and all they want is some good food while enjoying a night off from cooking for the whole family.

For the foodies out there that are particular about food they also want everything to be perfect from the moment they're greeted at the doors and seated at their tables to every meal that's served to them; everything must be of the highest standards and quality! Anything less would be unacceptable and they'll start complaining to the first person they can, whether it's their friends and family members or an individual they just met.

If you consider yourself a foodie then you probably already know which restaurants to eat at that have been given the highest number of stars possible from the Michelin ratings or the Green Guides they publish for travelling tourists to use as a guide depending on the city they're staying in. There's nothing wrong with wanting to eat something you normally wouldn't try, but limiting your eating options only to places that have 5 stars will take away from the experiences you'll be missing out on by not trying out a 2 or 3 star dining establishment.

At the end of the day the only rating that will truly matter is the one you give the meal you ate yourself. Everybody has their own opinions on what tastes good or what could have used a little bit more seasoning to put it over the top. With those differing taste buds come different ratings so just because the Michelin Guide rated a specific restaurant 5 stars doesn't mean you automatically will too; in fact you might even give it 1 star after your dining experience and that doesn't even cover the manufactured decor. If that can happen and a place you eat at was given 5 stars by someone else but only 1 star by yourself just think of how many of those poorly reviewed places might actually be good, at least according to your taste buds.

When choosing a place to eat we suggest you don't rely solely on reviews to sway your decision; go out there and give it your own rating! Our friends from Apple Tree Dental in Hamilton, Ontario tell us that they often look at reviews from Yelp and Zomato, but ultimately form their own opinions after visiting the dining establishment.

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